It’s like having the safety of 911 in
your pocket at all times.

Whether you are a senior
living alone, a baby-boomer,
or an adult with aging parents,
emergency alert systems are
simply a must-have. A simple
fall or sudden illness can
cause tremendous harm for
anyone who cannot help
themselves in the event of a
fall or becomes ill and needs
immediate assistance.

Guardian Alert 911 is a two-way communication device that does not require any monthly fees, no long-term contract

commitments and no hidden costs. The tiny pendant worn by the user immediately dials a 911 operator when needed. This is not merely a 911 alert, but a two-way communication device that permits talking directly to the operator. When the time comes that you or your loved one needs help, there is no number to dial. It is as easy as touching a single button.

The Guardian Alert 911 Kit includes a base station that plugs into the phone jack, a pendant which is worn by the user, a lanyard, a belt clip, and a AAA battery.

• No Contracts
• No Monthly Charges
• Immediate Access to 911
• One Button Safety Protection

You never need to wonder if the system is working or not. Guardian Alert 911 comes with a test function and the simple touch of a button gives you a dial tone and instant assurance that the system is working.

Features & Benefits

  • No monthly fees, no long-term contracts
  • Two-way system allows you to talk directly to 911 operator
  • Runs up to one year on a single AAA battery
  • Splash resistant – take it to the shower with you!
  • Feel secure in knowing that the system works by simply pressing the test button anytime
  • Includes a lanyard and a belt clip
  • Recommended by doctors, healthcare providers and experts across North America

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Offer Details:
You’ll receive the
Guardian Alerts System
for $149.95 including a
miniature pendant, base unit,
lanyard,belt clip, and single AAA battery.

Guardian Alert 911 does not require any contract commitments or monthly subscription fees.


• No Contracts
• No Monthly Charges
• Immediate Access to 911
• One Button Safety Protection


Bonny R. of Saranac, MI. "The Guardian Alert 911 was a savior of my life after I fell in the snow bank. I couldn’t get up. I didn’t have the strength to lift myself. But I had Guardian Alert, and help came. Thank you very much."

Tom R, Falls Church, VA. My 75 year old mother has been using the Guardian Alert for the past month and I wanted to write to you to tell you how much she appreciates it, and how much her family does too. Mom lives alone and she says the Guardian Alert gives her a sense of security and independence - she knows that 911 and help is only the press of a button away if she needs it. She especially likes the fact that it is water resistant so that if she slips in the shower she can call for help. We tested the range when we first connected it and it gives her coverage over her entire property. As for me, it’s great to be able to not have to buy a monthly service. I much prefer the onetime cost and she appreciates the direct connect to 911. A reasonably priced product that does the job its intended to do. What more can we ask for?

Rick A - Just bought a Guardian for my 84 year old Father who is afraid to be alone. I took the Guardian Alert out to his work bench in the garage to test it the other day. It’s a block garage half buried in a hillside, tons of big steel objects around. The Guardian Alert had a rock solid link with the base unit on the far side of the house 200' away. This really is a high quality fine product. Thank You.

Tracy T. of Ontario, Canada. Believe it or not, we used this the first day! Dad fell and was able to use it with no problems. Thank you!

Augusto F. of Fontana, CA. You guys have a great product there - I could not believe how easy it was to set up my Guardian Alert. Less than 10 minutes.

My brother was the one that got this for my mother, and told me about it, but I have to admit - I was a bit skeptical about his claim that this would be simple. However, after last night, I am a believer.

With America's aging population, you all should do very well with this product.

Marilyn B. of Portland, OR. I am a nurse with 5 patients using Guardian Alert. Recently one man fell and broke his ankle. Home alone and not expecting to see anyone for days - he pushed his Guardian Alert button and had help within minutes. Another patient fell in the bathroom and was bleeding severely. His wife was trying to stop the bleeding then remembered the Guardian Alert. She pushed the blue button and help was at the door in 5 minutes.

Connie J. of Beaumont, TX. Thanks for a great product. I fell recently and used the Guardian Alert to summon help. 911 was there in minutes. I am so happy with this product, that I am telling everyone about it.

Nicky C. of Atlanta, GA. I'm 77 years old and love the Guardian Alert 911 product. It has saved my life twice! I am very grateful, and wanted to let you know.

Burt B. of Daytona, FL. Not long ago my father had a mild stroke. And, because of the quick response that Guardian Alert provided (even though he could not speak), his life was saved. I am convinced that if my father did not have the Guardian Alert product, I would have lost him. Thank you!

James R. I wanted to thank you for saving my mother's life the other day. She fell in the bathroom and cracked her head open. She was able to use the pendant to call 911 before passing out. The EMT arrived in time to save her life. She ended up loosing 4 pints of blood. If it wasn't for the Guardian Alert 911 - my mother wouldn't be here today. THANKS.

Chief of Prosthetics - Veterans Administration. I'm impressed with the product and the healthcare value it offers our veterans.

Robert K. The Guardian Alert has saved my life 4 times this past year. I had 4 heart attacks and each time was able to get help quickly - thanks to Guardian Alert 911. I love the product and tell others about it all the time.

Robert E. of Castlebury, FL. I purchased the Guardian Alert 911 in 2007. Over a year later in December of 2008, I felt bad and checked myself into the hospital. I was discharged a few days later. Two days from my discharge, I had a sudden heart attack and found myself on the floor. I had my Guardian Alert with me and pushed the button. EMT showed up within minutes and administered support. I am doing great today. At 75 years old, and living alone, I feel so secure knowing that the Guardian Alert is with me at all times in case I need it. I am telling everyone about it. Thank you!

Vincent M. of Long Island, NY. I just want to let you know that Guardian Alert saved my mom's life. She is a severe diabetic and had an attack the other day. She pushed the Guardian Alert's button. Within seconds, 911 answered and had an ambulance there shortly and handled the situation. What a great product - and no monthly fees. Also, I was curious - so checked the range of the product - and found it worked from everywhere outside my folks house around their yard. Thanks again for this great product and for saving my mom's life!

Frank E., of Round Rock, TX. What a great product for us elders! Nearly everyone in our eldercare facility uses your product and relies upon the safety it provides.

Irene M., of Gaithersburg, MD. A little over a year ago I fell and broke my arm and side - and lay on the floor for 3 days before someone came to my aid. After a month in the hospital and a year of therapy later - I have a Guardian Alert 911 product - and wouldn't live without it. And I love the no monthly fees. Thanks for a great product - I recommend it to all my friends.

Maxine R. of Northern Virginia. Guardian Alert 911 saves life of 74-year-old

In the midst of a long dry spell during the dog days of August, Maxine was in her backyard, watering plants. She later decided to clean the nearby area where workers were installing an elevator, next to her patio: a decision she would soon come to regret.

As she began to sweep the area, a large black dust cloud emerged from the ground quickly engulfing her. She thought nothing of it, and quickly finished before heading inside.

Once Maxine was indoors, however, her hands began to itch. Within seconds, the irritation had spread across her entire body.

She decided to take a shower in the hopes of washing off the irritants, but by the time she reached her bedroom, her throat and tongue felt numb. Clearly, there was something seriously wrong … a process that took all of 10 seconds.

Maxine knew instantly she needed help and thought of calling her daughter, but she quickly realized her daughter lived too far away to help.

“At that moment, it dawned on me that I might only have one chance to make a call,” Maxine said. “I knew that I had to make that call count.”

Luckily, she had received the Guardian Alert 911 as a gift from a friend, concerned about Maxine living alone after 52 years of marriage. She pushed the button on the device and within seconds was speaking with an emergency operator. Maxine explained the situation, and told the operator that she thought she was dying. The operator kept Maxine calm and promised to send help quickly.

Ten minutes later, several emergency vehicles had arrived and Maxine was en route to a nearby hospital. She was later diagnosed with an allergic reaction, most likely caused by a mold or fungus in the black dust cloud.

“I’m grateful that I had the Guardian Alert 911 because I had never had an allergic reaction before,” said Maxine. “I kept thinking that I was going to die and that my children were going to find me lying on the floor.”

For Maxine, it was a story with a happy ending.

Charles W. of Kalamazoo, MI. I was outside in the snow around our barn the other day - and lost my Guardian Alert 911 pendant because I was not wearing it around my neck. It was too dark to find it - so I had to come back in the house. The next day, I searched again and found it - under 8 inches of snow. I washed it off - dried it out - and it worked just great. Great product.

Robert K. of Davidsville, PA. I purchased Guardian Alert 911 for myself to insure the quickest response by EMS due to the numerous medical problems I have.

Lorraine A. of Lagua Woods, CA. I am 78 years old and live alone. I bought my Guardian Alert 911 after having a friend fall due to a stroke and lay on the floor for 12 hours. The instructions were easy to follow and I would recommend it to others.

Caroline K. of Cashton, WI. I got my Guardian Alert 911 to give me peace of mind and independence. Thanks.

Marianne K. of Fairborn, OH. This was perfect for my mother since she needs some sort of medical pendant - but refuses to use a cell phone. Guardian Alert was my answer and I will recommend it to others.

Connie S. of Comerce City, CO. I wear the pendant on a daily basis and I feel safe and secure because of it. Thank you for making such a great product.



• No Contracts
• No Monthly Charges
• Immediate Access to 911
• One Button Safety Protection


Contacting Us

• No Contracts
• No Monthly Charges
• Immediate Access to 911
• One Button Safety Protection

Contacting Us


(800) 953-5211 ext 2 - Sales & Ordering Questions:
     If you would like to place an order or have questions about the product.

(703) 934-7934 - Technical Setup, Replacement Parts & Warranty Questions:
     If you have purchased our alert system and need help setting it up, a replacement part or a warranty questions.



Mailing Address:

EmoryDay, LLC
PO Box 176
Glenelg, MD 21737



• No Contracts
• No Monthly Charges
• Immediate Access to 911
• One Button Safety Protection


Who makes Guardian Alert 911?
Guardian Alert 911 is made by LogicMark, a Virginia based company that specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative Personal Emergency Response Systems. EmoryDay is an online distributor of Guardian Alert 911, and is responsible for the sales and customer service of orders placed on this website.

Why did LogicMark create Guardian Alert 911?
They created this product because of the great need of loved ones or a disabled person to be able to instantly contact a 911 operator in the event of an emergency. These individuals want to lead more independent and safer lives. Countless accidents and deaths occur every year that could have been prevented if 911 was able to be reached quickly.

How does Guardian Alert 911 work?
It is very simple. You just push the blue button on the wearable pendant and you can speak directly to a 911 operator from anywhere in or around the home. You do not need to use your regular telephone.

Does Guardian Alert 911 use Cellular Service?
No! The Guardian Alert 911 uses your home phone line.

Do you have to be near a base station for 911 to hear you?
No! Because the Guardian Alert 911 is the world’s smallest cordless speakerphone, you can speak directly to an operator instantly from anywhere in or around the home. This is the only product that allows you to speak from ANYWHERE in your home, not just within 50 feet of a speakerphone. The pendant range is up to 600 feet in a free-space environment! It will cover large homes and even a short distance outside your home.

Are there any monthly charges or contracts?
Absolutely Not! There are no monthly charges, no monitoring fees, no contracts, ever. You purchase the Guardian Alert 911 and it is yours to keep and use forever.

What happens if I am unable to speak?
If you are unable to speak, the Guardian Alert 911 can still give the 911 operator your location by utilizing the caller ID function. Because of this “enhanced 911” system, you can feel even safer that your location is known even before you speak.

How do I install Guardian Alert 911?
Just plug it into your existing phone jack.

Is Guardian Alert 911 legal to use?
Yes! The Guardian Alert 911 is completely legal to use in all 50 states and Canada. See the National Emergency Number Association (911) letter of approval under the Testimonials Tab.

Does Guardian Alert 911 use a battery?
Yes, the Guardian Alert 911 uses a AAA alkaline battery, which is included. The battery life is one-year and it can be tested at any time with the test button on the unit..

How can I deal with power outages?
You can purchase our optional Battery Back-up unit (#30912) which will provide over 24 hours of back-up protection. It simply plugs between the wall and the base unit.

Is Guardian Alert 911 water resistant?
Yes, the Guardian Alert 911 can be used in the shower even though we don’t recommend it as a normal practice.

What is the warranty on Guardian Alert 911?
One Year Limited Warranty

VoIP Systems:
Special Note If Your Phone System is VoIP: Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a telephone service that sends your call over the Internet instead of through the regular telephone system. This may seem minor, but the differences with VoIP are great when it comes to 911 service.

Traditional phone lines physically connect a specific location to the phone company - so when you call 911 the phone company can report to the 911 center exactly where you are located. When 911 service is offered by a VoIP provider the VoIP system will report your registered address to the 911 center. Due to the nature of the internet, the VoIP provider does not know the physical location the phone service is being provided to - only the registered address which is typically the billing address. As a result, with VoIP it is sometimes possible for a 911 center to dispatch help to the wrong address, particularly if you have moved without updating the provider.

Because of this, in all cases where VoIP is used we recommend calling the VoIP provider to ensure that both 911 service is available to you, and that your current physical address is on file with the provider so that help will be dispatched to the correct location.

If you are unsure if your phone system uses VoIP, or to find if it is capable of calling 911, please contact your telephone service provider.

Installing Guardian 911 on VoIP Systems: Many VoIP services, such as Vonage, use a special internet adapter. This adapter typically has a phone jack on it into which a regular phone is connected. The Guardian 911 will connect to the adapters jack in place of the regular phone jack in your house.

Some VoIP systems, such as Verizon's FIOS, are seamlessly integrated into regular phone jacks, completely replacing traditional phone service. This allows you to connect the Guardian Alert 911 to your existing phone jack as described in this manual, and no special connections will be required.

Other VoIP systems use special computer software/headsets, or sometimes a special phone which connects directly to the USB port of a computer. Unfortunately, Guardian Alert 911 will not work with software or USB systems unless a provision for connecting a regular phone is also provided.

In general, if your VoIP system can utilize a regular phone then the Guardian Alert 911 will work just fine. However, if you have both a working traditional phone line AND a VoIP phone system we recommend connecting the Guardian Alert 911 system to the traditional phone system.

Who will the credit card charges appear from?
The charge on your credit card statement will appear from Distinctive Stores.

How can I contact customer service?
To contact customer service please call (800) 953-5211 ext 2 or email: customerservice@distinctivestores.com.

How long will it take to receive my order?
Orders are processed within 24 hours and sent via USPS, which can take up to 2 to 5 business days to arrive depending on destination.